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Federation. This is the race with the greatest           variety of vessels and almost the fastest.
          The technological level of the Federation is among the highest in the galaxy,           ensuring a substantial number of additional components from naval research, although           this process takes a long time.
  • Planets colonisable: 60             
  • Create independent colonies: Yes             
  • Exportable technologies:                 
    • Environment                     
    • Medical                     
    • Automation                                           
    • Development time: Long                    
      Recommended for novice players.

The Romulans have a strength in being able to build ships and infantry quickly and at low cost. They have a very low rate of production of dilithium and their ships and soldiers are relatively weak. However, the Romulan ships have a great capacity for concealment.
The players of this race starts most likely from the Beta Quadrant, rather than the Gamma and Alpha quadrants.
Recommended for novice players.

The Klingons are a warrior race with great ships and soldiers. However, they are penalized by the very high construction time for troops and planetary structures. In addition, technological research is not a point in favor of the Klingons.
The players of this race starts with a good chance from the Alpha Quadrant and lesser chance from the Beta and Gamma quadrants.
Recommended for novice players.

The Cardassians, the oppressors and exploiters of many populations, unfair and false in every situation. They have aggressive soldiers but they not have a wide variety of ships. Their ships are rather weak compared to those of other races. Among all the races this one is the more aggressive.
The players of this race starts most likely from Alpha and Gamma quadrants.
The Cardassians needs good application and aggressiveness to be played successfully.

The Dominion has fast and powerful ships. Their extraction capacity is the lowest among all races. The construction time of planetary structures, in comparison to other races is quite high.
The players of this race mainly starts from the Gamma Quadrant.
One of the hardest races to play, definitely not recommended for novice players.

The Ferengi are the excellence trading race of Star Trek. They prefer to do business, they have faster transport and very fast colony ships, they have the best rate of resource extraction and are fast to build troops and planetary structures, this allows the Ferengi to expand faster than any other race. Their weakness lies in their poor battleships, which is why the player should concentrate all his skills in the business to buy ships at auctions.
The players of this races have an equal chance of starting from any of the four quadrants.
A race extremely easy to play in terms of management. Players must have good business sense to take full advantage of the Ferengi.

The Breen are a very strong race, with powerful but quite expensive ships and soldiers. Their resources extraction rate is quite low and this can lead to some economic problem. They also have the lowest variety of ships available, however the few existing should never be underestimated. The construction time of planetary tructures is relatively high.
The players of this race starts with a prevalence from the Gamma Quadrant.
A race pretty hard to play with little variety of ships. Suitable for players with a lot of practical sense.

The Hirogen are a race very difficult to play. Their advantage comes later in the game, but they must contend with the lack of variety of ships. The Hirogen have excellent ground troops with the best defensive capacity of its facilities.
The players of this race can starts with equal probability from any quadrant of the galaxy.
Race complex to play, suitable for the more experienced players or for those who wants to tackle the most difficult challenge.

Kazon belongs to the warrior races, especially on ground battlefield. They are very quick to produce troops, that it is their strong point. The smaller Kazon ships are not a threat to other races, only later they reach their full potential.
The players of this race starts mainly from the Delta Quadrant.
Recommended for average players.
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